Heart Healthy Exercises

May - 16 2016 | By


Exercise is one of the most important factors in keeping your heart in good health. However, it’s not merely exercise as a whole that helps your heart stay strong. There are specific exercises that maximise the benefits to your heart, and they’re all very easily integrated into any exercise programme.


lotus flower in a poundOneĀ of the best and easiest exercises is walking. It’s free, allows you to get some fresh air every day, requires no special equipment and is so easy that you can do it anywhere. Even if you only have a limited space to work with, you can get in plenty of walking exercise. Walking not only gets the heart pumping, but it also gives plenty of smooth, rhythmic exercise to the large muscles in the body. For similar but more intense alternatives, you can try stair climbing or bike riding.

Weight Training

It may seem out of place since many people believe that weight training can be a major strain on the heart. While it is true that lifting massive weights or weight training too much may overtax the heart, weight training in a controlled manner can have great heart health benefits. Improving your overall strength means that there is less stress being put on your heart on a daily basis. Weight training is also utilising interval training, which allows for quick bursts of exercise to get the blood flowing with periods of rest to keep the stress to a minimum.


For a less strenuous exercise, you can try yoga. Yoga is great for lowering stress, improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure and increasing the elasticity of your blood vessels. Best of all, yoga can be done in a fun social group or the privacy of your home. With so many exercise videos available on the Internet, you can find hundreds of videos to instruct you on proper yoga techniques.