Laser Hair Removal Procedures Part 2

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under the armpit is quite painful

As said in the previous article, it is a medical procedure that uses laser light to get rid of unwanted hair. The laser light is an intense and pulsating light beam.

Removing Ingrown HairsDuring the hair removal treatment, the laser beam is passed through the skin targeting individual hair follicles. The intense laser heat beam damages hair follicles are thereby inhibiting any hair growth in the future. It is a useful technique for people with dark hair and light skin.
Although the IPL treatment slows hair growth effectively, it is not a guarantee that the hair removal procedure will be permanent. It takes multiple sessions to have an extended hair-free period. Also, period maintenance treatments may be necessary.

Why do it

It aims at reducing unwanted body hair. The common areas of treatment include:
Bikini line
Upper arms

However, it is possible to regulate hair growth in any other body area apart from the eyelid and the surrounding regions.

Some of the factors that may influence the process include the skin type and hair colour. For instance, the procedure would be more effective on light-skinned and dark-haired people as the laser beam targets the melanin. Dark skinned people should not feel left out. There is an improved technology that makes the procedure viable for people with dark skin.

People with blond, red, white or grey hair may not benefit from the IPL treatment. There is nothing to worry about as treatment options for such individuals continue to be investigated.


hair viewed through a microscopeThe hair laser removal technique is not a guarantee that it will inhibit hair growth permanently. The hair could be resistant, or it would grow again after the procedure. The new hair appears finer and lighter in colour.

Some of the common side effects include:

Skin irritation: Redness, swelling, and temporary discomfort are possible after the procedure. The symptoms disappear in a few hours.
Change in pigmentation: It may darken or lighten the skin temporarily. People with dark skin will experience skin lightening especially if an incorrect laser was used.

In few cases, it causes scarring, blistering, crusting or changes in skin texture. Other uncommon side effects are:

Graying of treated hair
Abnormal hair growth in the area of treatment
It is not ideal for eyelids and areas surrounding the hair to avoid eye injuries.

Preparing for the procedure

It is important that one seeks the services of a certified dermatology or cosmetic surgeon who has vast experience in the technique. If possible, keep away from spas and salons that allow non-medics to conduct the procedure.

What to expect:

The doctor will review the medical history of the patient including current medication
Discuss the risks, benefits, and expectations
Tip after the procedure
Stay away from the sun: The tan increases side effects.
Avoid waxing, plucking, and electrolysis: These hair removal techniques will disturb the hair follicle
Shaving is alright as it preserves the follicles and hair shaft.

What to expect after the procedure

There will be redness and swelling in the treatment areas. Applying ice on the affected area will reduce the effect. Avoid sun exposure, both tanning beds, and the natural one. Hair shedding is possible too. Contact azure medical cottesloe for more info